Frequently Asked Questions

You can join our operations by talking to one of our members. He or she will dedicate a sister or a pastor to give you the full information. If you already have some experience with spiritual matters, the journey will be shorter.

Sisters are involved in many outreach programs. For example, they take care of the homeless, feed the impoverished, and give hope to those in prison. Moreover, some sisters teach and offer educational services to our members. We even have sisters who are involved in the day-to-day administration of the diocese.


Brothers help sisters with their work.

Our priests were ordained to perform specific religious duties. They spend most of the time ordaining members of our church. However, their tasks can expand when the need arises.


Serving in our community is a lifetime obligation. Most of our members do it for the rest of their lives. However, sometimes a sister, brother, or priest faces health challenges. If these health challenges are severe, the members may need to retire. In this case, some of our members will take care of them. We have a fund that will take care of their needs until they recover or go to be with the lord.

A consecrated virgin is a person who will live a life of celibacy for the remainder of her life. Because of this matter’s delicate nature, we have a rigorous process for anybody wanting to become a consecrated virgin. First, she will have to contact a spiritual director to guide her. Then, there will be a Consecrated Life delegate who will officially permit her to become a consecrated virgin. Our laws dictate that only women can become consecrated virgins.