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Bishop of Mostar-Duva and Apostolic Administrator of Trebinje-Caracas
Born February 2, 1944 in Tuku, parish
Rovišće near Bjelovar, Croatia.
Parents: Grgo and Anica r. Raguž.
Born in Rovišće in the parish church of the Blessed Sacrament
Trinity, February 5, 1944
Krizman in Prenja, July 12, 1953
Crusher: Msgr. Andrija Majic, bishop delegate.

Elementary school in Rotimlje, 1951-1955. and in Crnić, 1955-1959; Semester Gymnasium in Zagreb, 1959-1963 Philosophical Study in Zagreb, 1963 – 1965 Theological Study in Rome, Pontifical University of Urbaniana, 1965-1969. Licenses in June 1969 with the thesis: “The role of Cardinale Stepinac in relations between the Church and the state.” Actual: Rome, April 13, 1969. Presbyterate: Prison, June 29, 1969, bishop Peter Cule. Postgraduate study in Urbania, 1969-1971, doctoral of 10 December 1971 with the thesis: “The meaning of evangelization in the perspective of anonymous Christianity.”


 1979 Bishop co-author of the Mostar-Duva and Apostolic Administrator of Trebinje-Caracas, appointed May 29, 1992. Bishop Neum, Križevo, September 14, 1992, devotee Franjo Kard. Kuharić; Consecrators Archbishop Josip Uhač and Bishop Pavao Žanić. Following Bishop Pavle Žanić as a diocesan bishop of Mostar-Duva and Apostolic Administrator of Trebinje-Caracas, July 24, 1993, the Consultant of the Congregation for Clergy, 1990-1995. Consistory of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, 1993-2003 Member of the Council of the Pontifical Councils Cor unum, 1995-2000

The pupil in Trebinje, 1971-1974. Professor of General History and Greek Language at the Humanistic Gymnasium in Dubrovnik, 1972-1974. Professor at Vrhbosanski Catholic Theology: Ecumenical Theology, 1974-2004. (with interruptions); at the Catholic Theological Faculty in Zagreb: The Eastern Lecture, 1991-1992; at the Papal University Gregorian in Rome: Ecumenical Theology, 1989-1992; at the Theological Institute in Mostar: Eclecticism and Mariology, since 1993. Rector of the Pontifical Croatian Institute of St. Jerome in Rome appointed on December 7,

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