Activities That Can Strengthen The Bond Of A Religious Community

Bonding between people is simply the process of bettering the interpersonal relationship between people in an office, church, family, organization or any group of people. If a bond between two parties is to be strong and effective, it should be mutual, most bonds or interpersonal relationships that are not mutual usually ends in disputes or misunderstandings and this is how different it is from people just like each other.
People that didn’t get the chance to have close relationships or bond with their families, friends or schoolmates growing up or as an adult usually tend to have very serious personal and relationship problems which are a psychological problem that can be treated with intensive therapy.

I do not have enough time to exhaust all the benefits of bonding with other people in a religious community because they are endless, some of which include the feeling of fulfilment, self-regulation, increased compassion, increased ability to understand your peers better, sharing love as Christ did and lastly, according to a book called The Biology Of Belief. by Dr. Bruce Lipton bonding with other people strengthens your immune system and makes you a healthier person.

The following are some activities which can help a religious community bond and connect:
•❑Traveling As a Religious Community: Travel has many benefits to the human mind and also being in a foreign country or place gets you out of your comfort zone and this forces you to bond with the people who you are most familiar with around you including the people you have traveled With When you choose a destination to go to together, experience different cuisines, new culture and just have fun together as a religious community or group you will come back more connected than ever.
•❑Volunteering As a Religious Community: Helping your community, an orphanage or volunteer to build a workshop, a religious group can feel connected and bonded because you will have the feeling to say you have built something or archived something together, doing such activities together as a religious community can also help you as a church group better your social skills and this eventually leads to a better connection between the participating parties. Even volunteering in things like having a general cleaning and fixing some things in the church could be a great bonding. It is when people will get to know each other. For example, some people can be good at woodworking and is knowledgeable about modern woodworking tools like high-tech cabinet table saw, planers, power drill, etc. Instead of having some things built for contractors, the community can work together instead to get things done.
•❑Organize Picnics As a Religious Community: There is a very strong bonding psychological effect that comes with eating together, because many are the times people encourage each other, congratulate each other, share ideas, advice each other and share experiences when having a meal together and we all know that the more you know about a person, the better are your chances of bonding because you will understand the things that he/she likes or dislikes. Many studies have shown that children that share meals with their families or close friends have lesser chances of falling into drug use or abuse.
•❑Play Games As a Church: When people play a game such as a soccer together, especially when they are on some team, they will need to corporate if they should win, it is this corporation during these playful times that leads to having a real connection between the members of the religious group.