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Our diocese has been providing spiritual guidance since 1987. Many volunteers have dedicated their lives to this course. As a result, we have been able to achieve several objectives

Our Vision and Mission

Before you dismiss us as typical Christian missionaries, we would like to inform you about our mission. Our mission differs radically from conventional Christian programs. While our operations’ core is to spread the good news of our Lord and savior, we also believe that Christianity should be wholesome. It should advance the social-economic status of our congregants. Therefore, we take a keen interest in the economic and social activities happening in Bosnia.

We organize regular financial meetings where we invite financial experts. These experts teach people how to form and run businesses. Also, we have occasional career weeks where we advise children about the best careers that they can take. This approach means that we solve the root of the problem instead of going for the symptoms.

Our leadership team developed this mission in 2010, and we have been gradually implementing it over the last decade. So far, we have conducted more than 550 financial seminars. We are also pushing more funds towards career week, inviting ten career experts to speak to our young congrats. It’s our prayer that more people will join this noble cause.

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Our Out Reached Programs

We have spiritual outreach programs in 17 towns. We have built our outreach programs from two towns to 17 in the course of 20 years.

We are Helping Kids in most Communities

Since 2005, we have been providing free accommodation to the homeless. Furthermore, we have partnered with like-minded people to provide accommodation services to some needy people.



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